Woodland Trust calls for better education on native trees as survey highlights worrying lack of knowledge


Results from the Woodland Trust’s You Gov survey have highlighted a worrying lack of public knowledge about trees. The survey showed that almost half of UK adults could not identify a leaf from Britain’s most iconic British tree, the Oak, while only two out of ten adults could identify an Ash leaf. 

With the public being urged to look out for signs of Ash Dieback and Britain’s Oaks at risk from Acute Oak Decline this lack of knowledge could hamper attempts to limit the spread of pests and diseases. The UK is currently plagued by fifteen tree diseases and five more could be on their way. Austin Brady, head of conservation at the Woodland Trust, said: 

“We are relying on people to report the signs of disease and pests in their local woods, so if more people were able to identify common trees like ash and oak, it would make tracking the spread easier. We are calling for increased education on native trees and disease identification before it’s too late. We need to learn about and love trees and woods or we risk losing them.”

If you fancy testing or improving your knowledge of trees visit the Woodland Trust’s website, www.loveitorloseit.org.uk where you can also share your favourite tree memories.


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