Woodland Trust achieves 6 million tree planting target for Jubilee


HRH the Princess Royal has planted the 6 millionth tree as part of the Woodland Trust’s Jubilee Woods project. The project was the largest tree planting campaign ever undertaken by the Woodland Trust and has created more than 12,000 acres of new woodland, including a 460 acre Diamond Wood in the National Forest, 60 additional woods each of at least 60 acres and 400 Jubilee Woods of at least 1 acre each. 

Many of the woods planted either joined existing woods to create larger areas of woodland or helped connect smaller woods, extending habitats and making it easier for species to travel. 

In addition to creating woodland areas over 3,500 communities planted copses and hedges to commemorate the Jubilee and over 40,000 schools planted tree packs provided by the Trust, creating valuable habitats and spaces for people to enjoy. 

At 13% cover the UK is one of Europe’s least wooded countries and the Woodland Trust aims to double the amount of woodland by 2050. The Jubilee Woods project has made significant steps to achieving this but the Trust’s will continue to work towards its 2050 target, made even more pressing by the threats of pests and diseases such as Ash Dieback.


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