Tree professionals must keep abreast of pests and diseases


The Arboriculture Asociation’s Technical Officer, Paul Smith has told industry professionals attending the recent ARB Show that it is vital they keep abreast of tree pests and diseases.

Speaking at a special advice session he told his audience that those working with trees must be able to correctly identify diseases such as ash dieback and Ceratocystis platani, and pests such as emerald ash borer and pine processionary moth, and give correct advice. He reminded those attending that not all infestations are harmful and stressed the importance of keeping abreast of what was happening in the local area by talking to people and checking disease distribution maps. He urged practitioners to be alert to the possibility of multiple agents affecting trees and to be clear about which agents, such as fireblight, were reportable.

Mr. Smith also suggested that it would be useful to have a standard template on which to record each diagnosis and recommendation for action, supported by evidence and references.


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