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Estate and Woodland

We have the expertise to help with every aspect of tree management on estates from forestry and woodland management and new planting to historic landscape restoration and support with veteran or hazard trees.

Forestry and Woodland Management:

We deliver a total forestry and woodland management package from planning and grant funding advice through to project management or implementation of work with our own teams. We are also able to assist owners and managers to develop woods as a productive resource for woodfuel and other uses and can support traditional coppice management.

Effective woodland management should be based on a sound understanding of trees which ensures their establishment and growth into a healthy and potentially productive wood. We work with agricultural clients, historic estates, amenity woodland and commercial woods and have specialist expertise managing woods for shooting. We understand the importance of landscape context, sporting requirements, recreation and conservation. Our expertise and experience helps clients to develop a vision for their woodland and to achieve their objectives and we advise and assist with grant funding to support this.

Our team are all fully qualified and experienced in tree management and can advise on project specification and contracting as well as manage and implement projects for clients, ensuring that work meets health and safety and quality standards economically and with environmental sensitivity.

Historic Landscape restoration

The UK’s historic landscapes are a key element of our cultural and natural heritage as well as a valuable recreational and economic resource. They need sound management to ensure they are preserved for future generations to enjoy. We have extensive experience advising a range of clients on historic landscapes of all sizes, providing landscape and historic tree surveys, appraisals and assessments of the historical significance and producing conservation, management and restoration plans. We can also oversee contracting of work or manage implementation directly. 

Hazard Tree Management

All landowners have a statutory duty of care to minimise the risk of harm to other people or property resulting from trees in their ownership. The standard of care required in law is that of a ‘reasonable and prudent’ landowner. This requires landowners to take reasonable and proportionate action to lessen the hazard they pose, through a proactive system of monitoring and assessment based on appropriate expert advice.

We provide tree safety advice ranging from inspections to full hazard tree surveys and management programmes. Our work is based on industry standards and best practice using decay detection methods and Qualified Tree Risk Assessment (QTRA) methodology. Our approach respects the landowner’s legal obligations without creating onerous amounts of tree surgery work, ensuring trees are maintained in a safe condition while preserving them in the landscape for as long as reasonably possible.

Woodland Planting

We advise clients on new planting natural regeneration through thinning, selective felling and next generation planting to create healthy and sustainable woodland and species diversity. Our work includes advising and implementing continuous cover forestry to maximise the financial value of timber without clear felling of large areas. We also advise on and implement planting and clearance plans to improve commercial and private shoots and assist landowners wishing to improve woods for aesthetic or recreational reasons, producing forestry plans and assisting clients seeking Forestry Commission grants for woodland management plans. In addition to designing new planting schemes we can also source nursery stock and plant trees, ensuring adequate protection and pest control is in place.

    • Woodland Management
    • Historic Parkland Restoration
    • Hazard Tree Management
    • New Woodland Design and Planting
    • Veteran Tree Management
    • Statutory Permissions
    • Grant Advice and Applications
    • Bamford estates
    • Buccleuch Group
    • Carter Jones
    • Duchy of Cornwall
    • Farmcote Estates
    • Gunton Park
    • Holkham Estate
    • Milton Estate
    • Ministry of Defence
    • Stackallen Esteta, Ireland
    • Strutt and Parker
    • Waddesdon Estate
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