New tree planting needed if England is to catch up with Europe


The Woodland Trust has argued that England’s tree planting figures are critically low following release of the most recent Forestry Commissions statistics. England has just 10% of woodland cover compared to 44% on average in Europe and there is no planting target set for the country as a whole. At the same time an Independent panel on Forestry has stressed that we need to value our woodlands for the benefits they provide for people, nature and the economy and have urged for a major tree planting project to be undertaken. 

Tree and Woodland MD, Andrew Bowman-Shaw comments:

“Our trees and woodlands are a precious resource for so many reasons. It is vitally important that we manage them well, not just through new planting, but also through care of our ancient and mature woodlands and protection of our native trees. This is fundamental to our philosophy here at Tree and Woodland and we work with both public and private landowners to achieve this”.


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