DEFRA publishes new Chalara Management Plan for England.


DEFRA has published an updated version of its interim Chalara Control Plan first published in December 2012. The new publication updates actions taken to date and outlines future action and research plans. 

The report acknowledges that Chalara cannot realistically be eradicated but outlines plans to help adapt and build economic and environmental resilience in the face of the disease. These focus long-term on establishing more resistant populations of ash trees and helping woodlands adapt, and shorter term on cost-effective actions to reduce the rate of spread and support land owners, managers and nurseries mitigate impact.

The plan indicates that support will be available for replanting with alternative species and removal/disposal of recently-planted infected ash trees in high priority areas for those projects originally funded under the England Woodland Grant Scheme. Defra also plans to explore whether there is capacity in the Higher Level Environmental Stewardship Scheme to do the same and will provide an update on this at the end of April.

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