DEFRA cash to fill gap in tree planting grants.

Defra Logo News Jan 13thDefra has confirmed £30m will now be spent in the next financial year to fund planting of new trees. This injection of funds will overcome the Common Agricultural Policy reforms which meant that new tree planting grants were unavailable to landowners in 2014/15. £6 million will now be spent on new planting in 2014/15 and £24 million will go towards woodland management, including maintaining the benefits of past woodland creation projects.

The news has been welcomed here at Tree and Woodland, giving a much needed boost for landowners and enabling projects to extend our woodland cover to the benefit of wildlife, the environment and the economy.

Defra will now approve new applications for planting grants in 2014 and intends, as part of the new Rural Development Programme, to offer grants in 2015 in advance of new environmental land management agreements which will come into effect in January 2016.

If you are interested to find out more about funding opportunities for possible tree and woodland management projects do get in touch with us and look out for our forthcoming EBrief on grants.


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